EP 111 - Omer Cakir - Fuel Your E-Commerce Growth with Effective Product Videos Part 1  


Omer is a full time entrepreneur and consultant & expert in Amazon FBA & FBM and other e-commerce platforms. Prior to the consulting job, He worked for Targus for 7 years and his last title was the head of product development & e-commerce for Sena Cases brand. He is also an experienced team leader in overseas factory & sourcing management for premium leather MacBook & iPad & iPhone cases.

Fuel Your E-Commerce Growth with Effective Product Videos Part 1

Today’s episode is the first of a three-part series with guest Omer Cakir, founder of ClipGuys. Omer is a full-time entrepreneur and an expert consultant in Amazon FBA, FBM and E-commerce platforms. He is also recognized as an experienced overseas factory and sourcing management expert for premium leather MacBook and Ipad cases. Here are a few of the great insights that Omer shared on this episode:

The importance of video in increasing conversions.
Why optimized (short, simple, yet effective) videos are key in capturing viewers’ attention.
Why the first-person angle is the most effective type of video.
Product reviewers have become one of the biggest sources of organic traffic.

So, give this episode your undivided attention as Omer shares his stories on how he started this entrepreneurship path and the importance of video marketing in E-commerce.