EP 117 - Michael Krakaris - How to Effectively Manage E-commerce Shipping and Fulfilment Part 3


Michael Krakaris

Michael Krakaris is the co-founder of Deliverr, which provides fast and affordable fulfillment for leading merchants on eBay, Walmart and Shopify. He realized a much-needed opportunity to streamline the logistics and fulfillment experience for sellers and has created an entirely new way for retailers to efficiently reach their customers. In his current role, Michael oversees the product and growth teams and is focused on scaling the business.
Prior to Deliverr, Michael oversaw product marketing at Symphony Commerce, where he was responsible for launching fulfillment as a service. Before Symphony Commerce, Michael worked at Twilio where he supported the product marketing and sales engineering teams. It was during his time at Twilio that Michael first recognized the value of the asset light, infrastructure as a service model, which played a key role in founding Deliverr.
Michael received a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University, where he was also responsible for overseeing the school’s yearly business competition. Under Michael’s leadership, the group broke records by raising over $250K. He is based in San Francisco.


How to Effectively Manage E-commerce Shipping and Fulfilment Part 3

Today’s episode is the final part of a three-part series with Michael Krakaris. Michael is the Co-Founder at Deliverr Inc. based in San Francisco, CA. Deliverr empowers any retailer to offer a prime-like delivery experience to their customers. Here are some of the helpful insights that were shared during this episode:

Why viewing fulfillment as a revenue-driver, and not as a cost center, is one of the company’s edges.
At the end of the day, when there is an intent to sell, it’s all about margin.
The importance of search for marketplace sellers in fulfillment.
It’s beneficial for sellers to start looking at channels outside of Amazon.

So, listen, and take notes if you have to, as Michael shares his knowledge on entrepreneurship, logistics, and providing value to customers.