EP 118 - DavidPaul Doyle - Health and Wellbeing: Getting More By Giving More Part 1

Awesomers Origin - We'll talk to an Awesomer about where they came from, the triumphs and tribulations they have faced and how they are doing today. An Awesomer Origin story is the chance to hear the backstory about the journey our guest took on their road to become awesomer. These stories are incredibly varied and the takeaway is that awesomers come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, creeds, colors and every other variation possible. On your awesomer road you will face adversity. That’s just part of life. The question as always is how YOU choose to deal with it.

Today’s episode is the first of a three-part series with David Paul Doyle. David is a brilliant entrepreneur who is also the CEO of Naturewise. He leads a company which promotes health and inspires well-being through their products and philanthropic partnerships. He, together with his wife, also wrote several books on meditation and emotional health well-being. Here are some of the well-thought-of insights that David shared during this episode.

What David’s life was like growing up.
How he had a life-changing epiphany while he was on a trip in Moscow.
The importance of resourcefulness and the ability to survive in long-term business success.
How entrepreneurs find their comfort zones in challenges.

So, sit back, relax, and listen to today’s episode as David shares stories of how his life towards entrepreneurship began.