EP 121 - Troy Johnston - Leveraging Data to Take Your Business to New Heights Part 1


Troy Johnston is the Co-Founder of Seller.Tools - a full suite of optimization tools for Amazon sellers. Along with building and selling his own brands, Troy has worked with some of the top brands on Amazon in some of the most competitive categories and niches. He's also a lead mentor in the growing Facebook community for Amazon sellers - FBA Kings. 

Leveraging Data to Take Your Business to New Heights Part 1

Today’s episode is the first of a three-part series with Troy Johnston. Troy is the co-founder of Seller.Tools, a robust suite of optimization tools leveraging Amazon data. The company provides optimized data-driven insights and continuity, for sellers to gain valuable advantages in the competitive marketplace. Here are some of the very interesting insights that were shared during this episode:

What Troy’s life was like growing up.
Why continuous delivery of value matter.
The importance of complementary skill sets and personalities in great partnerships.
Why organization and doing things in a systemic way is key in providing robust solutions.

So, find a conducive place to listen to, make your mind at ease, and focus on today’s episode as Troy relives his path to entrepreneurship.