EP 124 - Rob Jackson - Using Data and Analytics to Generate Valuable Insights Part 1


Rob is a digital business expert who has spent 13 years working in analytics and marketing. Hailing from Liverpool in the UK he started his career in Search Engine Marketing before specialising in digital analytics. In 2010 he co-founded DBi, a digital analytics and marketing technology company with Mike Potts and Pere Rovira; two Barcelona based entrepreneurs who he met in San Francisco. DBi were acquired by the Havas Media Group in 2013 where Rob went on to launch operations in New York, Frankfurt and Paris. After exiting in 2016, Rob has been working as an advisor to a range of businesses in the digital space. He is currently based in Lisbon, dividing his time between there and the UK.

Using Data and Analytics to Generate Valuable Insights Part 1

Today’s episode is the first of a three-part series with Rob Jackson. Rob is a world-class expert in analytics and data attribution in the E-commerce space. He, not only is someone who could draw insights from generic data, but also who has been around to see the world, while at it. Here are some of the very interesting insights that were shared during this episode:

Some background on Rob’s family and what Rob’s life was like growing up
How he found the book Edgy Cities, describing the old port cities, very interesting.
The analogy between today’s Internet and yesterday’s port cities in terms of being a melting pot of goods, ideas, culture, and language.
The importance of just finding, and doing, the things that you’re good at; maybe even monetizing that skill.

So, sit back, and listen to today’s episode as Rob discusses the early part of his life and career.