EP 128 - Troy Remelski - The Importance of Developing Good Habits in Life and in Business Part 2

Troy Remelski, a one time nationally ranked gymnast with a decade of competition under his belt. He went on to be a Hollywood stunt performer. He has performed in over 3,000 live shows, TV shows, & movies. He & his wife performed partner aerial acrobatics aboard cruise ships while traveling to many countries.
In 2013 he started an internet based company while still living & working aboard a cruise ship. In its first full year of selling products, broke the 7 figure mark and allowed him to seamlessly transition from performer to internet entrepreneur.


The Importance of Developing Good Habits in Life and in Business Part 2

Today’s episode is the second of a three-part series with Troy Remelski. Troy is a brilliant entrepreneur running an Amazon-centric marketplace business in the E-commerce world. The habits and discipline he developed over time have helped him as he put on different hats along the way: be it as a background artist, an aerial acrobat, and eventually as an entrepreneur. Here are a few of the thoughtful insights that he shared during this episode:

Why being afraid of failing is a big detriment, and might not even matter except for one’s ego.
How he monitored his Amazon products while hardly being connected to the Internet as he was working in a cruise ship.
The importance of having a self-imposed deadline in executing tasks.
The significance of being ready for anything, not only in being an entrepreneur but also in life.

So, sit back, unwind, and listen to today’s episode as Troy shares how he transitioned from different professions to being an entrepreneur.